Meet Our Horses

Drakkar (Bubba)  May 1992 - January 2011

It is with broken hearts we announce the passing of our beloved Drakkar.






Drak was a once in a lifetime horse and he was so very loved by all who knew him.

Bubba (his nickname inspired from Forest Gump) was part of the family and liked to sneak into the house whenever he had the chance. He would willingly shake a hoof, give kisses, smile or bow for a treat. Drak was the star of our birthday parties and never failed to build up the confidence of all our young riders and his leasers who he loved dearly.    

(Michelle, Tedra, Chelsea and Sue)


Drakkar was one of a kind, a true gentleman and we were so lucky to have had him in our lives for 16 wonderful years.

Thank you Drak, you were the best of the best and you will never be forgotten,

Love Shannon and Mike






Glenda is a 11yr old Thoroughbred mare and is currently competing in Three Day Eventing at the Preliminary level. After a sucessful first season at the Prelim level, Glenda and Shannon tyed for 4th in the year end standings.Glenda is an amazing jumper and is always bold and confident over natural jumps such as ditches, drops and water obstacles. Standing only 15'2 hh, Glenda is 'the little engine that could' and has a heart of gold.



Meet Sundancer


Meet Butterfly ( Bugle Boy)


Butterfly is a very special pony. He is the brother of Bear and he is also a New Forest Pony. He joined our farm this winter and is probably the happiest pony I have ever met. He is keen to jump, has really nice movement for dressage and is a joy to have around.




Meet Coaltan

Coaltan is a 6 yr old Welsh Arab pony. We bought him when he was 2 years old, then sold him and then bought him back when he was 4.When he was a youngster he was very awkward looking and I could not believe my eyes when we picked him back up, he had blossemed. Now he is all filled out and is one of the most beautiful ponies I have ever seen. Coaltan is now our #1 birthday party mount and has never put a foot wrong. Simone also rides Coaltan and is looking forward to showing him this summer. Simone can half-halt, leg yield and canter on him now!







Savanah and Roxy


Savanah and Roxy are both Labs. Savanah is a very rare Black and Tan Lab which is the result of both her parents being reccesive chocolate. You cross the two together and in some instances you get this cool coloring. Roxy is your typical yellow Lab who is always happy and when she waggs her tail here whole body wiggles. Both girls are happy to accompany guests for hikes around the property.




Meet Our Goats


Billy and Romeo are super friendly and kid-proof. Billy and Romeo were born January 2009 at the Beacon Hill Children's Zoo and we were able to bring them home this past May. We decided to buy our goats from Beacon Hill as all baby goats are handled extensively by children right from birth so they are very safe around kids. Because Romeo and Billy were around kids so much from the start, I believe they have no idea that they are goats!






Meet Our Chickens

At Maple Grove we have 19 very friendly chickens. They are all very calm and don't mind being picked up and cuddled. We often find some of the younger hens hanging out on our pony Coaltans back. We feed our chickens pellets as well as veggie and fruit scraps which helps produce amazing eggs. Children love trying to catch the hens and you will usually find Billy and Romeo chasing the kids trying to get the attention.